Bridgefields can offer easy and convenient storage solutions. Whether you need a single item storing or a full house load, we can offer a number of different options to find the one best suited to you and we'll also come and collect the items to be stored. 


At our fully secure storage warehouse, we have many solutions to accomodate your belongings safely and securely, all at a very competitive price. 


Should you have suffered flood or fire damage within your property often your insurance company will require the remainder of your furniture to be stored while any damage to your property is corrected. Should you wish to have your treasured belongings stored with in your local area with a helpful, friendly, family firm then contact us now.

Our experienced team can arrange to carry out a no obligation quote and provide you with a full removal and storage plan. Should you choose to store with Bridgefields you can rest assured your belongings are in good hands.


Please contact us and we can give a free, no obligation quotation...



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