Bridgefields mission statement is to give customers the optimum, most efficient service and we aim to save you money rather than asking you to spend it, wherever possible!


With regards to our Transportation and Shipping, services costs will of course depend on the size, weight and value of the items to be moved as well as the locations they are to be moved to and from. With our Storage services, the pricing will again depend on the amount to be stored, and for what length of time. 


For a more accurate personalised fee please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.  


Below is some more information relating to our Removals and Clearances. This is merely a guide to our pricing and payment options.

As within any other service industry, as part of providing our service we incure a few costs; labour, transport and tipping fees for example and whilst we need to make a profit we also try to reduce your costs wherever possible. 


We are meticulous in our work, nothing in the property will be overlooked and on clearances any jewellery, cash or important documents found will be returned to you. Additionally, we will offer to buy any resaleable items and take the agreed amount off your final invoice. This is a service that benefits almost all of our customers. 


As you can appreciate, every property is different so only after an assessment of the property by a member of Bridgefields staff will we be able to give you an estimate for our services.


Below is a link to the ‘UK House Clearance Association’ website outlining the typical costs of a house clearance. Please remember we aim to reduce these costs wherever possible by purchasing any resaleable items. 


Again, for an accurate, personalised fee please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

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