We offer a wide range of services, so whether it's a single item of furniture you wish to sell, a garage or shed that needs to be cleared, a whole house that requires emptying or anything inbetween, we are here to helpwith a friendly, efficient and hassle-free service!


Bridgefields are experts in full house clearances. Everything from furniture, ornaments, fixtures, fittings and carpets. We regularly deal with end of tenancy clearances, deceased estates and hoarders properties so whatever you require, we can remove, recycle or dispose of responsibly. We also take great pride in giving many items from property clearances to local charities and we'll even give the house a spring clean before we leave!

In most instances, a member of Bridgefields staff will come to you and give you a valuation of any resaleable items within the property, and will then discuss a quote for clearing the rest of the house. 

Do not hesitate to contact us and we can give a free, no obligation quotation...






Have you got an item of furniture that needs to be moved, sold or disposed of? 

Any item of furniture, however big or small, Bridgefields can offer a number of easy and convenient solutions to help. A member of our team can collect the item from you the same day you call and best of all, it may not cost you a penny!

If you only have a single or a few individual items to be moved, sold or cleared, depending on the resale value, we can offer to buy the items from you. The price we offer you will take into account any costs we may incur in coming to remove the items from your property.






Too much clutter in yours...? We can help remove and/or recycle all your old gardening equipment, tools, lawnmowers and anything else that has accumulated over time, leaving you with a nice clear space. 

If required, we can also dismantle and remove any old or unwanted garden sheds!

Most garden equipment is given to Northdale Horticulture at Northallerton, a charity helping adults with learning disabilities. 

In instances where the items to be cleared have little to no resale value, yet an item, shed or garage etc needs clearing, we have a very competitive hourly rate. 

Please contact us and we can give a free, no obligation quotation...




All of our clearances come with a complimentary spring clean at the end of the job making sure we leave the property in the most presentable condition possible for our customers. However, if you would like a more comprehensive clean of the property, maybe its going straight on the market or the new owners are due to move in? Well, our cleaning service means that you don't have to worry about the hassle at all. We have a great team of professional cleaners and very competitive rates meaning both your property and wallet will be left looking well-to-do. 

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